You will receive trade notifications via SMS, Email and Twitter, at that time login on the Members tab and click on the Alerts tab, there you will be able to View the most recent Alerts posted. The trade notifications will be posted in the members only section of our website under the Alerts tab. SMS notifications are for domestic (USA members ONLY). Each option notification will contain a suggested Entry Range, Exit Range and coming early 2023 you can set an Exit percentage Alert notification.

You will receive update notifications if we see unusual activity or drastic market changes for specific options. After a position is deemed closed, we will post the results along with a chart that reflects entry and exit notations on the performance page.

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The formulas we have developed are for those that want to make investment decisions based off tried and true option fundamentals. Our indicators are NOT for quick profits, get rich types but more for lower risk, steady capital building thinkers.

No, not an expert but when you make any investment decisions the old saying is knowledge is power. You definitely need to know the essentials of options and how they operate plus the risk involved in any investments. If you have never traded options this is not for you, please get some option trading knowledge and experience and do some paper trading (no risk) to advance your skills.

You need to be able to receive Email trade notifications, the SMS notifications are optional and for USA members Only. You will also need to be approved to trade options with a licensed brokerage firm. Your licensed brokerage firm will tell you the conditions of your option trading level.

That is completely your personal decision, usually your licensed brokerage firm will have their own minimum option trading investment levels for the account.

We target calls/puts  and verticle spreads that trade a little higher than most option subscription services, where as they are usually in the $1 -$8 range for possible quick profits, get rich quick thinking. We target more stocks that are $45 and above with option buys in the $3 – $10 range. Average hold time is 2-14 trading sessions but depending on the specifics of the notification some hold times are 21 trading sessions and above.

Basic membership on average you will receive 20+ trade alert/notifications a Month, Premium Membership will receive the Basic membership Alerts along with 20+ verticle spreads and Iron Condor Alerts, some months can be more depending on the overall market conditions. We don’t send trade alert/notifications to just make a quota, remember our decisions come from strong select fundamental indicators.

The goal is to increase the possibility of making 20% – 50%, in the shortest amount of time. We actually make our decisions based on the possibility of hitting a much Higher %, you will see where several notifications exceeded 100%.The Stop-Loss should ONLY be considered if the individual position/company is declining NOT if the Entire markets are declining.

Yes, for Premium Membership you will have the option to set a personal Exit percentage Alert. For Basic membership You are solely responsible for choosing to buy/sell options or any investments. Knowing when to buy/sell any investments will come from your own personal financial agenda. When investing in anything (Premium or Basic Membership) you need to set your own personal guidelines, risk tolerance and goals.

The members Only section contains a copy of all the current notifications and updates to any prior alert/notification. You never have to worry if you missed or deleted an Email or SMS, everything will be there 24/7 for you to take your time to make an informed decision.

No there are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. After your 15 day FREE trial if you decide to Join, Premium Membership monthly subscription charge is $147 a month and Basic Membership monthly subscription charge is $97 a month.

Premium Membership will receive 20+ Call/Put Alerts 20+ Verticle Spread Alerts and a few Iron Condor Alerts a month. Basic Membership will receive 20+ Call/Put Alerts a month, all Alerts are derived from our unique option fundamental indicator formulas. We will include an Entry & Exit Range, Profit/Loss ranges along with key points about the specific Alert. You will receive any adjustment/update notifications and have access to the Members Only section where copies of everything will be posted for 24/7 access.

As informed investors you should be aware of the risks associated with options trading.

Disclaimer: We are not investment advisors, and we do not offer investment advice. The information contained herein should not be construed as an investment advice and should not be considered as a solicitation to buy or sell securities. (Please click link for Full Disclaimer)