About Us


The Option Fundamentals team has been successfully trading options for over 30 years, and trade using unique fundamental indicators of advancing stocks. We have traded successfully in Bull and Bear markets. The Options we research must meet the strict guideline indicator filters that we have developed over the years. ( Please READ our Disclaimer notification for further information )
Why Option Fundamentals?
We are unlike most Option Alert or newsletter subscriptions services. As stated above, we use unique fundamental indicators for most of our notifications. We try for the fastest results for our members which means short windows of opportunities, we usually keep our expiration dates under the 30 day range with average Exit times in the 3-5 day range with many being in the same day of course.
trading target

Our focus is on single-leg call / put trade alerts, with a HIGH % winning history and options with a stock price above $40 minimum. We look at sound fundamentals, channel breakouts, heavy volume, Relative Strength, Crossovers, Sector Strength, Moving Averages, Accumulation/Distribution and Earnings reports, to name just a few. We do all of the work, scanning, researching and filtering thousands of Option opportunities daily. You will receive your trade notifications via SMS and Email, the trade notifications will also be posted in the members only section of our website. Each Option notification will contain a suggested Entry Price, and will also note that once the Option reaches a minimum 15% gain you will receive a SMS Exit notification. The SMS Exit notification is strictly to let you know the Option is moving in a positive direction and to use your own discretion if you personally want to Exit or not. You will receive update notifications if we see unusual activity or drastic market changes for specific options. After a position is closed, we will post the closed results along with a chart that reflects entry and exit notations on the performance page.