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Hear what Nathan one of our new members says!
Thanks Nathan for sharing your story with us! 

In Nathan’s own words, from his recent email:

I just signed up for Options Fundamentals monthly service.
I chose them because they were not claiming 400% – 1,000% gains  … or ZERO.  And because they were the only ones to give me a free ten days. So, i had nothing to lose (except money). Currently, I have four trading platforms. One for long term, one for swing trades, one for retirement and one for dreamland.
The dreamland account (actually named that) was my throw a bone and hope for a 2,000% squeeze, but that never happened.  I never “dreamed” that my “dreamland” account would actually make money.  It was like the lottery, play around with money you can afford to lose, but never expect to win.  I’m literally up 257% in four days of trading with three total trades.
My favorite part is that while they often recommend option dates weeks away, most are sold fairly quick.  But, just in case, you still have weeks to cover.  I learned (self taught) investing while deployed overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan by reading books.  Options always seemed so intimidating, but not now!
100% high recommend … if you are on the fence, take the free trial … their records stand for itself.  Like we used to say to those who talked trash to our championship winning football team … “scoreboard”.
Your individual results may vary, and past performance is not a guarantee of future success. Our service is for educational use only. Please


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